Boutique direction

The Maison Veronica Parwin, based on security, openness, pre/after sales service values, is designed to grant an easy access so that each visit could be nice and interesting.

Let’s examine the basic information to start an assisted navigation starting from the main menu where we find the Home key, Boutique on Line key, Language Selection key, research key and the shopping basket key.

Through the home page is immediately visible the great attention to out products. Through the Boutique online section and the following page it will be possible to enter to our exclusive Collection to be sure about the choice and to be ready about next order.

After starting the procedure and selecting an article, there are three paths available:

  1. Save the desired product in Preferred items.
  2. Add the product to the cart, with the possibility to modify the content and then proceed to purchase, with the addition of personal data and payment, through the button CHECKOUT.
  3. REGISTRATION completed. This will help you to make the following purchases easier through the LOGIN.

By selecting Login you can log in by entering your Username and Password or alternatively register your data by pressing the “create an account” button.

After identifying the product you wish to purchase, we recommend reading the 4 areas below the image for information, then click on ‘Add to the shopping basket’ and complete the order by confirming with the button.

For quick and simple solutions do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.